Birdwatching in Amvrakikos Gulf

Oct 14

Judith and John P. combined their holidays in Greece with birdwatching in Amvrakikos Gulf.


October in Chios for birdwatching

Oct 11

Jacqui and Graham G. chose the beautiful island of Chios for autumn holidays and birdwatching with “Birding in Greece”.


RARITY ALERT: Pectoral Sandpiper (Calidris melanotos) at Naxos!

Sep 18

5 years after the 1st record at the island of Naxos, another Pectoral Sandpiper was spotted on the island, exactly at the same place with the previous one, at Agios Prokopios lagoon!

The 5 most beautiful birds of Greece!

Sep 13

The Avifauna of Greece is extremely rich compared to the country’s size; more than 450 different bird species have been recorded in the country! Our company has selected and presents the 5 most beautiful of them:


Autumn birdwatching in Attica

Sep 01

With autumn migration at the beginning, the first days of September are ideal for birdwatching excursions to search both for birds passing the country but also for the resident birds. The migration routes passing through Attica give us a chance to observe and photograph various species even in urban areas.


Summer birding in Greece

Jul 22

Sharon J.T visited Greece from the U.S. with her family for holidays. And as always, she tries to combine holidays with birdwatching, a hobby she is doing for more than 30 years. For this reason, “Birding in Greece” organized a 2 day trip.


Bird photography in Argolida and Corinthia

Jun 24

We met with Nick L. and John M. at 6.30 in the morning at the Corinth Canal with our first destination being Nea Kios Argolis, which always offers magnificent and close-ups of bird pictures even on hot summer days.


Birdwatching in archaeological sites

May 30

One of the options passengers of cruise ships have when they visit different harbors worldwide, is to explore the wildlife of the area. And when this is also combined with a historical and cultural glance of the city, then the payback of the small stop may be priceless.


Verona Birdwatching

Apr 29

It’s a great feeling to meet in person people who were internet friends for years, with whom you have common interests and you never met them in real life. This was the case with Maurizio Sighele, but with much more responsibility and that’s because he came in Greece for a birdwatching trip with 16 other members from Verona Birdwatching – the Italian city birdwatching club!


12th Attica Bird Race

Apr 01

At “Birding in Greece” we are both friends and partners. As friends therefore, all four of us participated as a team in this year’s bird race in Attica; in this race, all teams compete each other in the area of Attica, which we all know very well, in order to spot as many birds as possible.

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