Bird photography in Argolida and Corinthia

Jun 24

We met with Nick L. and John M. at 6.30 in the morning at the Corinth Canal with our first destination being Nea Kios Argolis, which always offers magnificent and close-ups of bird pictures even on hot summer days.


Birdwatching in archaeological sites

May 30

One of the options passengers of cruise ships have when they visit different harbors worldwide, is to explore the wildlife of the area. And when this is also combined with a historical and cultural glance of the city, then the payback of the small stop may be priceless.


Verona Birdwatching

Apr 29

It’s a great feeling to meet in person people who were internet friends for years, with whom you have common interests and you never met them in real life. This was the case with Maurizio Sighele, but with much more responsibility and that’s because he came in Greece for a birdwatching trip with 16 other members from Verona Birdwatching – the Italian city birdwatching club!


12th Attica Bird Race

Apr 01

At “Birding in Greece” we are both friends and partners. As friends therefore, all four of us participated as a team in this year’s bird race in Attica; in this race, all teams compete each other in the area of Attica, which we all know very well, in order to spot as many birds as possible.


Urban birding in the center of Athens

Mar 25

We met Jason B. and his 11 years old son, who came to Greece for holidays from Switzerland, under the historic hill of Acropolis. They were interested in a short walk for birding around the center of Athens.


RARITY ALERT: Pine Bunting (Emberiza leucocephalos) close to Lake Pikrolimni!

Jan 10

This year’s winter is very tough and numerous birds have moved southern in order to find food and survive the cold. Therefore one more rarity has been recorded on Friday the 6th of January; a male Pine Bunting, which was spotted by Nikos Probonas and Antonis Tsaknakis, co-founders and guides of “Birding in Greece”.


Daily excursion in Attica

Jan 07

Zoi K. came to Athens from southern Peloponnese for an around Athens birdwatching tour, which would be her first birdwatching experience in her life.


RARITY ALERT: Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) at Axios Delta!

Dec 21

A rare visitor was found on Monday the 18th of December at the beach near Axios Delta; a Pacific Golden Plover in wintering plumage.


RARITY ALERT: Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) at Nea Kios!

Nov 20

A vagrant from the North, a juvenile Common Eider was spotted at Nea Kios, by Voula Tsilibi, a good friend and a very enthusiastic birder that stays around the area. Voula found the rare visitor early in the morning on the 10th of November, and immediately informed friends and members of the ornithological society so that they could also see the bird.


RARITY ALERT: Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) in Attica!

Oct 18

As the autumn invasion of Yellow-browed Warblers continues in northern Europe, some of them reached the Mediterranean, including Greece. The previous Saturday, at least 2 individuals were spotted at Ymittos mountain.

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