Terms and Conditions

The company Birding in Greece created the website www.birdingingreece.gr, in order to inform the visitors regarding the products and the services offered by the company. The use of www.birdingingreece.gr is determined according to the following terms and conditions, and necessarily implies their full acceptance.

Guests who use the website www.birdingingreece.gr agree and accept the following:

The website www.birdingingreece.gr is used in its current form without the possibility of modification or any other intervention by its guests. Without prejudice to specific rights of third parties, all content located on this site (trademarks, designs, texts, photographs, etc.) is the intellectual and industrial property of Birding in Greece and its shareholders and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law. This content, in full or in part, may not be the object of trade, replication, reproduction, or broadcast in any manner without written permission by the owners.

The guest or user of the website must:

  • Accept the provisions of this legislation, the protection of intellectual property and illicit competition.
  • Refrain from any illegal and abusive activity.
  • Remediate any damage caused to the Group Companies or third parties, caused by illegal and wrongful use of the site by them.

Birding in Greece strives to provide user security and also accuracy and validity of the information contained in the website. However, in no case is the company bind, nor does it guarantee or assume responsibility regarding the security and content of www.birdingingreece.gr. For this reason, users accept that they need to assess the content and that they assume responsibility for any risk that may be caused by its use.

The website is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy during information transfers by the user. Moreover, it is not responsible for any interference, incorrect indication or system failure due to force majeure or any other reason.

The links to other websites that may exist in www.birdingingreece.gr are provided solely for the service of users. The use, access, and connection to these sites happen exclusively with the user’s responsibility. For this reason, users are required to accept the terms of use of these sites and contact their providers for anything that occur during their visit or use.

Birding in Greece has the right, at any time with or without notice to temporarily shut down all or part of www.birdingingreece.gr and alter the nature or the content of the website, for maintenance, upgrades, or any other reason.

The content of this page can be changed at any time, in order to improve the services provided in www.birdingingreece.gr. Guests should check the content of this website in order to be aware of the current company policy, at any time.


Any booking a trip or excursion of www.birdingingreece.gr can only be done via e-mail or telephone communication, while confirmation of your reservation will always be made via email by site administrators. In order for your booking to be valid, it has to be accompanied by the agreed upon funds deposit within 2-5 days after the confirmation of your booking.


The payment of your reservation must be made at least 30 days before the trip or excursion. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the Birding in Greece account or via PayPal. Any additional expenses on payment are entirely borne by the customer.


All cancellations must be sent via email by the customer. Refunds are not granted for trips and excursions if the cancellation is not requested at least 30 days before the date of the trip. During a refund, all transfer expenses are payable by the customer.

Birding in Greece reserves the right to cancel a trip or excursion at any time due to weather or other conditions that warrant a cancellation. In such cases, all payments are refunded in full.

Travel insurance

Birding in Greece always recommends travel insurance when traveling. In no case, however, are the security costs borne by the company.

Tour prices

The cost of the tours is agreed upon between the company and the customer in the currency of Greece. In this agreement the included costs of the package are explicitly mentioned, and no other cost other the ones mentioned is included.


Birding in Greece reserves the right to change the driver, vehicle, and place and time of the tour, if required by circumstances. In this case the customer is not entitled to a refund.

Birds and other species

Birds and other species of wildlife are free in their natural environment and in no case can we guarantee watching or photographing them. The company is not responsible if customers do not see all the species mentioned.

Restrictions on participation

Our tours and excursions may include special activities, such as early morning waking, walking on uneven ground, etc. For this reason, participants should be healthy, and it is suggested to consult a doctor before participating. For questions concerning the requirements of each tour, please contact us. The company reserves the right to exclude someone from a trip for any reason.


Participants acknowledge that Birding in Greece has no liability for injury, death, or property loss during an excursion or trip. Travel insurance is recommended in any case.

Release on liability

I have read and accept all the aforementioned terms. Birding in Greece bears no responsibility for services provided by third parties during an excursion. Furthermore I accept that during a trip or excursion in nature I may participate in other activities, such as walking, climbing, off-road driving, and others, which may result in an accident or injury, in places where there may be no medical facilities for first aid. I declare that I voluntarily participate in these activities with full knowledge of the risk and the dangers involved and I fully accept any risk, including personal injury, even death. In addition I fully understand that any such outing involves risks and hazards beyond the usual present in everyday life at home or in the work environment, and that these risks cannot be controlled by Birding in Greece. For this reason, I certify that I exempt the company from any responsibility regarding my participation in a trip, and that I will not go against the company, its employees, and its owners for any injury, illness, death, or loss of property. This release of liability concerns both myself and all my family members.