Dimitris Zachos

Dimitris, as a nature lover from an early age and a member of environmental groups later, has taken part in various nature protection and wildlife conservation activities. After one particular trip to Lake Kerkini -which is now his favorite destination- he became an avid lover of birds, showing a certain preference to photographing them.

As an active member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society, and a volunteer, he has visited the most important habitats in Greece, and has made trips abroad. He is a keen wildlife photographer and participates in several photography competitions. A tireless guide, always eager for new, promising excursions in the field.

His preferred birds are the Shrikes, and his favorite species is the Masked shrike. As far as the birding world is concerned, he attaches special importance to the moment when he discovered a Wallcreeper just 20 minutes away from the center of Athens, and the moment when he photographed a Siberian rubythroat that was spotted in the Netherlands – an extremely rare kind for Europe.

Dimitris works at an insurance company, and engages in Greek traditional dances, hiking, and cooking as a hobby. Since the beginning, he has been a strong supporter of the idea of creating our company.